Granada to Seville – Transit Day

I’m going to keep the write up for today short since we didn’t really do many exciting things.  We started the day as usual with a good breakfast spread.  Once again, I opted for relatively healthy (though I did include an iced doughnut as well because they were on offer and I am only human).

After breakfast, we took our time packing up our gear and checked out of the hotel at just before midday.  We left our bags with reception though to pick up later so that we could spend the day unencumbered.

Since we had heard a bit about the Alhambra, we decided to go and visit though you have to book tickets months in advance to actually enter the grounds.  We opted to just walk around the free areas and the perimeter.

Nick took some fantastic pictures as always.  Once we had wondered around for a while, Nick had the great idea of seeking higher ground to get even better pictures of the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Miguel, which is a chapel which was built from an existing mosque.

The chapel itself is nothing special, not even architecturally or historically speaking. However, it does purportedly have an amazing view of the Alhambra.  The problem with this of course is getting up to it. Nick dragged the both of us (one of us extremely unenthusiastically) up a slope with a practically vertical gradient. Past cacti and other thorny plants that tried to catch my clothes).  I wasn’t the happiest camper.  But I did have to agree with Nick’s assessment that the view was pretty spectacular.

Heading back into town was mercifully easier and we walked to a restaurant that Alba had recommended to us called Casa Encarna.  Here we had a late lunch of tuna salad (gotta get those vegetables!) and a really, really cool looking grilled octopus dish. We also got a complimentary small serve of fried fish that was very tasty.

Once lunch was done, all that was left was to collect our bags and jump on the bus to Seville. Again we had booked the tickets the previous night so we just made sure to show up early.


The bus ride was smooth, but it took 3.5 hours and it was a little boring.  Nick and I both drowsed and read. We got to Seville with no issues though and made it easily to our accommodation for the next couple of nights, an AirBnB stay in Seville.

The place was super cute, with a sloping roof and a kind of retro bathroom ensuite.  The house has 2 other guest rooms though I kind of feel like we must have gotten the best one.

We weren’t especially hungry, but went out for some tapas at Casa Ricardo where we had some amazing, melty cheese filled croquettes, a lovely tuna dish and the most amazingly decadent serve of fried brie I have ever had in my life.

At the end of a loooong transit day, I was very glad to turn in for the night.  Tomorrow we would explore the wonders of Seville.  I might even try to find a barber for Nick while we are here (oooh, Opera jokes!).

Km’s walked: 12.4

Flights complete: 7/10

Tomorrow: Seville

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