Positano to Naples International Airport

Today is the last day we will be spending in Italy.

We woke up again to the church bells of Nocelle at 7am.  Not a problem, but again, we didn’t let them coax us out of bed immediately.  It was at about 8am that we ventured up for breakfast in the B&B.

Breakfast this morning was pretty lively with many people already sitting and having their breakfast. Nick and I joined them and in short order were served up the normal fare of bread, jams, cakes, coffee, juice and fruits. Nick also felt up to tackling the cheese and cold cut selection and wolfed down some prosciutto, salami, hams and various cheeses.


Giuseppe, the B&B owner who is a bit of a kidder, had us and some of the other tables in stitches as he explained the church bells.  Apparently, they go off at 7am to wake people up for work.  They then toll again at midday to tell people to have lunch.  3:30 is to reflect the age of Christ when he died (33) and 4pm is for no reason Giuseppe could remember while 7pm was for dinner. He is a very interesting and funny man.

After this, we headed back to our room to pack, though we weren’t in a huge rush as the ferry for Sorrento wouldn’t be departing until midday.

After packing and relaxing, we finally went to check out.  Giuseppe and  Margaritta, the owners of Casa Cuccaro B&B actually gave us both a hug to send us off and thanked us for staying with them.  They told us to come back and see them again one day and I really hope we will be able to!

We caught the bus back down to Positano and again, I marvelled at the parkour precision of the drivers.  Sometimes, we would be passing within centimetres of other vehicles (not just small cars either) – sometimes it felt like a puff of air could have us colliding with a wall or a truck or a pedestrian, but it never happened! It was honestly a bit nerve wracking for me at times and I was glad when we could jump off the bus and make our way down to the ferry port.

The ferry didn’t arrive until midday so after purchasing tickets we found a comfortable seat down by the water.  It was surprisingly hot though and so soon I was wishing for some shade. It wasn’t too long however, until the ferry arrived and we were allowed to board.  This happened pretty quickly and painlessly and I really drowsed off a little until we hit our first drop-off point, Capri.

We couldn’t see much of the island in truth, but it looked like a lovely spot for those of the tourist persuasion – we would hopefully get to check it out on another trip one day! Once we had gotten rid of the travellers who were departing at Capri and picked up a new hoard who were travelling on to Sorrento like us, we were off again.  Soon enough, we were disembarking at Sorrento.

From our few previous travels here, we knew exactly where to go and so hiked up the hill again (I struggled, it was hot!) and then decided to go and find a nice, hefty late lunch that would see us though till ‘dinner’ time at the airport.

Nick found us a place called Ristorante O’Murzill’ which was just off the tourist strip (and thus, was priced accordingly). Nick had a cannelloni dish which was stuffed with a ricotta and meat mix and served with a tomato and basil sauce while I had a grilled chicken dish.  We also had a salad to share and it was a really nice meal.

Since we knew it was our last ‘proper’ Italian meal, we decided to treat ourselves to some gelato at Fresco Sorrento where we had a half chocolate, half vanilla cup to share. The vanilla was wonderful, but as always, my heart belonged to the dark, mousse like chocolate which was sinfully good.

After the gelato we headed to the bus station to check out the bus situation.  Having looked up the timetable, we knew we would have almost an hour to kill before the bus would be ready to take us to the airport so we didn’t have to rush in the slightest.  We arrived, were told we could buy tickets on the bus directly and then just waited.  Nick took a bit of a walk around the block but I was happy to mind the bags and read a bit.

We were able to board the bus at 4:10pm and stowed our luggage in the bus hold.  Once the bus got underway, I got to the serious business of napping which made the 1.5 hour trip go pretty quickly.

When we arrived at the airport, we were pleasantly surprised as we had heard that the Naples International Airport was a little underwhelming.  We found it clean, easy to navigate and didn’t have any issues.  Our flight information wasn’t posted yet as it was a much later flight, so we camped out at the McDonald’s as it had charging ports and we could also access the Airport wifi.

I’ll be closing this post early as I probably will be too tired to complete the post once we actually hit Barcelona but we plan to hang out at McDonald’s as long as we can before we are able to pass through security and await boarding.

We are expecting to take off at 10pm and arrive in Barcelona at 11:45pm.  As there is no time difference between these countries it should be pretty cruisy.  We will then catch a bus to our hotel where we will be able to complete a late check-in and then crash out for the night.  We will sleep in a little tomorrow, but plan to do a bike tour which will hopefully orientate us to our surroundings nicely.

Km’s walked:

Flights complete: 5/10 – soon to be 6!

Tomorrow: Barcelona Bike Tour



  1. I remember the busses. Seemed to drive through restaurants and cm from cliff edges…and how they went around the hair pin bends…


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