Japan: Kagoshima

Today’s post is going to be a very brief one as it was spent mostly travelling.

Waking up this morning we farewelled Junichi after he made us a last breakfast.  Fried egg, miso, rice and toast.  We thanked him profusely and he gifted us with the lovely photos he had taken of us while staying with him.

The rest of the day was fairly travel heavy though once we made it to Hiroshima station, we took a spin around on the Hiroshima Meipuru pu bus (the cost of which was covered by our Japan Rail Pass) just to kill some time and see a little more of the lovely surrounds of Hiroshima.

We purchased some ekiben (bento boxes) for lunch at Hiroshima station before catching the shinkansen to Kagoshima.  Kagoshima has a ‘small’ big city feel.  All the same shops and arcades and markets you would expect in a bigger city but without the press of the crowds.

We arrived in Kagoshima at around 4pm and checked into our hotel for the next couple of days, the Remm Kagoshima.  As far as hotels go, this is the smallest we have stayed in but its still very comfortable.  It DOES however, have a view into the shower again (but not the toilet, thank god) which I still find weird but funny.  I am still recovering from my head cold so I wasn’t up for much this afternoon and we mostly relaxed at the hotel.

We did emerge for dinner later and in the spirit of ‘clearing my sinuses’ I wanted something spicy.  Nick managed to find a Sri Lankan restaurant of all things in the area near the hotel.  As I was really wanting some comfort food, we decided to go ahead and go there.  The place was simply called Sri Lanka Kagoshima.

The food, while not as spicy as I would have liked, was still very good, I could taste that they used a traditional recipe.  One thing that always baffles me with Indian/Sri Lankan restaurants here and at home in Australia is the curry to meat ratio.  I had basically a bowl of curry gravy with two chunks of chicken meat.  Nick saw much the same thing with his pork curry.  Happily though, we had a heaping salad plate to share and some naan bread to soak up all that curry gravy.  It was pretty satisfying, though Nick said my curries were better.

Dinner over, we had a brief wander around the town before heading back to the hotel to turn in for the night.  Here is hoping we have a more interesting post for you tomorrow!


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