The Joys of Airports (#1)

Konnichiwa minna-san!  That’s me practising for when we arrive in Japan. But as my husband advises me, we have a stop-over in Hong Kong first.  However, I don’t know any Chinese so this greeting will have to do for this post!

Pictured for this post is everything Nick is taking with him.  My packing looks similar, but not as cool for the photo as I put all my gear in packing cells.  I’m also toting along a hairdryer which Nick never has to worry about.  Maybe its time for me to consider a shorter hairstyle?  Long-story short; carry-on is our way of life and I highly recommend you travel this way if you can!

After waking up at an abominable hour this morning (3:45am!  I miss the days when I was only coming home at that time — except I have never actually done that) we had a very light breakfast and headed off with our Uber driver.

It was on the way to the airport that we first heard of the flight being delayed by an hour but as we get to spend that extra time idling away in the Cathay Business Class Lounge its not all bad news.  On a side note, has anyone ever noticed how boring Melbourne Airport Terminal 2 is?  Severely lacking in feng-shui!

No dramas on arriving to the Airport.  We are currently relaxing in the lounge.  Nick is making full use of the breakfast buffet and I am trying to stay awake.  And failing.  I am just going to check out the coffee situation….

Next Post: Hong Kong Stop-Over

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