A Travel Journal for the Digital Age

Hi everyone, my name is Carla and this blog is to relate the travelling adventures my husband Nick and I will shortly undertake!

As a very recently married couple, first up on our travelling exploits: honeymoon Japan.

We have 5 weeks to traverse Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Traditionally, I have always kept a travel diary but of course, no one else can hear our hilarious stories and anecdotes and half of them are forgotten by the time we get home.  Hopefully this blog will help to communicate some of our stories in real time, while they are still fresh and exciting!

On the getting ready front, we are really light travelers and strive to only have carry-on for all our journeys.  This being the case, we have already put most of our gear together but we have a couple of days yet to make sure everything is in order.  I’ll keep you updated with Day One of our trip soon.

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